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    Spacious & Furnished Classroom

    Bishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School has spacious as well as furnished classroom for students. This helps students get comfortable in the learning environment as well as focus on the teachings.

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    Better Education Environment

    Students are facilited with one of the best education environment that is available. With green environmnet all around, Bishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School has made sure, that students are always fresh and undisturbed.

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    Find the Excellence within You!!

    Not everyplace is good nor every place is bad. But finding the best one for you is a hard choice. So dont mistake yourself with others. Bishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School helps students Find the excellence withen them

Message from Principal

message from principal

MR. Thakur Prasad Upadhyaya
Shree Bishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School

As soon as I had been handed over the responsibility of Principal at Shree Bishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School (22/02/2068 BS), I had several challenges to face. However, I wasn't alone - the whole team of school-staff, SMC and PTA were ready to join hands together to attain excellence. Some aspects that I would have prioritized, had already been in practice; e.g, English as the medium of instruction, awareness programmes for parents / guardians, admission of staff's children in the same school etc. Therefore, with the consent of the team, it was decided that Technical Education and Vocational Training should be started soon along with specialization on Art & Craft, Music, Sports and Literary activities as extra and co-curricular activities. Furthermore, proper utilization of modern technology in classroom and lab-activities has also been attempted for gaining academic excellence.

The children from underprivileged families are target-group of students in the school; and, hence, it is another chellenge of the team to retain them in the school reducing the drop-out rate as well as improving the learning outcomes. Maintaining a balance between preferred academic achievement and improvement of physical infrastructure is one major concern, and confirmation of job placement or entrance in universities for further education for the school graduates is another.

Whatever has been achieved so far is enough to inspire us. However, there is a long way to go, and we are motivated to face challenges boldly.

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  • Library

    School has huge number of books in the Library. Students are allowed to take the books to thier home for study purpose

  • Computer Lab

    School is equipped with Computer Lab and has more than enough computers for all the studnets in the school.

  • Science Lab

    School is equipped with Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab & Biology Lab for the Science experiments and demonstrations.

  • Cafteria

    School has its own Cafteria. Cafteria serves healthy and fresh foods to students and staffs. Clealiness is maintained.

  • Electronics Lab

    For Electrical Sub-Engineering Students also, School is equipped with Electronics Lab for demonstration and practise.

School Experience